Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hacksaw musings

During a quiet time in the Press Centre, Roy of the Hacksaw gave his incredibly considered views on what we'll see tonight from the Crystall (sic) Hall.

See what you think.

R x


  1. Great commentary Roy. I really hope you're wrong about the Grannies (because I'm a miserable bastard obviously!!). I just hate the song because its such a gimmick. If they had been there with their previous entry I'd be cheering along but not this time.

    Expect it to be between Russia, Sweden, Italy and Spain. Don't see Jedward cracking the Top 5. I'd like to see Estonia there but I just don't think it will get enough votes.

    Have a great night and thanks again to the entire OnEurope team for their great work in bringing the contest to us.

  2. I've been to Bucharest - and trust me, you dont want to go there.