Tuesday, 22 May 2012

No major shocks there..

I got 9 from 10... Only Hungary I had just outside the top ten but happy they made it as musically I think it's good...  The envelopes are so nerve jangling aren't they?  Gosh knows how the artistes felt, the journalistes were tense...

Very happy especially for Iceland, Albania, Moldova and Cyprus...

My voice is starting to go so Rose might need to revert to play back for most of the rest of the week...

Night night all, it's 2.20am here....  zzzzzz!

Nightcap at evroclub anyone??


  1. 9/10 here as well but made the mistake of going for Switzerland instead of Hungary.

  2. 7/10 here, but I realised how stiupid I was being about Ireland and Iceland and turned it into a 9/10 over at Sofabet later in the day. Absolutely didn't see Hungary coming and still can't, tbh.

  3. I think Hungary benefitted from the break between them and Russia but I suspect this is a jury vote as opposed to a televote. Its the sort of song that you might imagine music professionals going for. A competent, well-performed, light rock song with a radio appeal.

  4. In my opinion Albania is and remains horrible screeching in the name of "art", but I can see why some people like it. Cyprus was horrible as was as Greece but the were always going to get in. The only real surprise to me was Denmark, since I've heard the song several times and still can't remember anything about it other than her ridiculous outfit.