Monday, 21 May 2012

Your favourite song will/wont win because...

it has the best/worst lyric of the contest.

Albania - My plane is landing on the runway without the light of your soul attached today to your elbows

Austria - Your bum has feelings, your bum is a part of you.  Don’t put it on chairs, your bum has an opinion, yeah!

Azerbaijan - So cold now every second that my heart skips, it ends

Belarus - As I stand beneath the staring sky, I just lose faith in gravity

Belgium - What would you do when my house was empty?  My life in a bag and away from you

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Don’t ruin your day it’s never been harder for me, you’ve never lived alone in a spider’s web

Bulgaria - I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love only you

Croatia - But heaven pays everything back and remembers all debts

Cyprus - From Paris to LA over the night, all around the world, just you and I

Denmark - She said: shout Insha'Allah, shout Insha'Allah, shout Insha'Allah

Estonia - Silence has the power to resound, I wait for you there, halfway there

Finland - As a lake without water, as a lamp without light, a life without colours – that’s not you

France - I hear the echo of our swinging steps

Georgia - I’m a talker and straight walker, I’m a broker evil-blocker

Germany - Now before I’d be this strong, pieces of me break so easy

Greece - You drive me crazy you drive me wild, you’re so addictive, there’s no way out

Hungary - This is a zeal from above and it can say it all

Iceland - And when the golden sun arises far across the sea, the dawn will break as darkness fades

Ireland - Whistle blast, lights flash, throw a rope, grab a hold feel the undertow

Israel - Time, time, just give me a sign, sign, give me the time.  Why are you pressuring me?

Italy - Day and night, it’s a lie, I waste my tears and you shoot pool

Latvia - I did my best and I’ll be so much better.  Brightest and highest and farthest of the stars

Lithuania - Well I can’t believe I was the one that caused you a pain

Macedonia (FYRo) - Look into my eyes now, I’m not a loser you know

Malta - As from this moment on, you and I can reach the stars

Moldova - I got blind I got mad, not from the diamond she had.

Montenegro - I only got one rule, always stay cool like a swimming pool

Netherlands - I see you walking past my house and I wonder why we don’t play anymore

Norway - My meters are peaking, I can tell you’re around

Portugal - There’s a child running, a neighbour lurking, and in me the desire remains

Romania - The perfume of the wind kissing me

Russia - The cat is happy, the dog is happy

San Marino - Do you wanna play cybersex again?  If you wanna come to my house, then click me with your mouse

Serbia - Fly, sing, give your heart to someone else, but know that goodbye isn’t the end

Slovakia - Where is the way to heaven’s hell?  That’s what I ask when I feel broken

Slovenia - I feel like I’m going to the bottom, a silent voice is singing in a minor key

Spain - There are no memories of yesterday, only the hours on your skin

Sweden - Don’t go, in every breath I take I’m breathing you

Switzerland - Take a trip outside your head, you can give me more

Turkey - My ship’s made from hope, she’s searching for your bay

Ukraine - From the bottom of my heart I wish you, I wish you the best

United Kingdom - Trust in your dreams, run with no fear and if you should stumble remember I’m near

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  1. Thank you for this collage; totally cracked me up XD