Friday, 25 May 2012

It's eurovision eve.....

Eek, it's eurovision eve!

Couldn't agree more with our myserious Estonian on our impressions of the city of Baku and its people. I love the way people just smile at you on the street and want to shake your hand ask where you are from. I can't believe how much eurovision branding there is in the city, banners, flags, posters.... every bus seems to be eurovision branded and of course the London cabs are too.

I have developed my usual case of eurovision throat. I think it was a very overblown version of Quedate Conmigo in the club the other night that did it. I am just not hitting the high notes anymore so am having to seriously scale back my performances! I couldn't cheer as much as I wanted to last night for my favourites.

Very happy for Malta and Estonia. I had Croatia and Slovenia as qualifying and was a little surprised with Lithuania. 8/10 which seems to be what most people predicted.

It's the big six press conferences this afternoon. Englebert has just been draped in a union jack at his and seems in very good spirits. He revealed that , had he been asked earlier  in his career, he would have said yes in a heartbeat. He also revealed a gift pendant that he was given by Elvis Presley back in the day and he's carrying it here in Baku for good luck. The BBC team feel there is a good vibe around eurovision in the UK press this year and reminded us that 13 million viewers tuned in last year. He was whisked out to do a live link into the Ken Bruce show so there's no rest for him... just like us!!

Lovely Mr Lube for Germany has just conferenced. He revealed there are no plans to record Standing Still in German as he feels in English it will be better received and his favourite songs this year are Sweden and Norway and that he is sad Austria didn't male it.

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