Sunday, 20 May 2012


And what's this? Not only a song I like but also a Dutch song I like which is an extreme rarity indeed. Shame she looks like a reject from How the West was Won but i guess when you've tried everything else you could do to get yourself noticed then only self-ridicule is left. And it has to be said that it's the best chance for a Dutch presence in the final during the semi-final era. Whether it will be enough, who knows. perhaps they should try locating some of the people who vote for them in the Junior ESC as that seems to serve them well. The song could be rigfht out of Woodstock or an old Joni Mitchell album. You'd have to feel for them if they didn't make it...

toto; i lika da feathers

Gigliola: hmmm (smiles)

Franko: any comments?

Gigliola: (smiles)

Verdict: They'll probably get screwed again, which is more than be said for teh Babushki

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