Sunday, 20 May 2012

dying a death

It's only fitting we should end with the host country who hasve chosen to enter possibly the least inspiring song they could find in Azerbaijan. having said that they've never finished outside the top 10 at Eurovision and I don't see any reason to suppose that this year will be any different. they'll get plenty of host votes anyway. I would say Eurovision won't be in Baku 2 years running but I'd have to rub my lucky rabbits foot first.

Toto: Rabbit's foot?

Franko: oh never mind Toto. Time to go now

Gigliola: we leave? (she brightens)

verdict: pretty much guranteed top 10 and maybe even  a challenger.

Franko: So we hope you enjoyed this years run through of the songs and all the special guests. We'll be preparing for Tuesday's first semi final before heading for Glasgow for the seond semi and the final. Have a good Eurovision wherever you spend it :-)

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