Friday, 25 May 2012

Video!!! Our pundits strike again

Just before things got too messy last night (and they did by all accounts), our hosts with the most gave us some more views on what they thought of the second semi-final.


Riigi x


  1. My view of last night was:

    Croatia - Europe still loves him, even though he's still singing the same song as 8 years ago
    Macedonia - my god she can attack a song
    Netherlands - i knew those feathers would cost her a final place
    Malta - bit disappointed, the staging was a bit of a mess
    Belarus - should have stuck with Alyona
    Portugal - was always making up the numbers
    Ukraine - and i thought Joan would be wearing the most ridiculous headaddress
    Bulgaria - useful draw for a toilet break
    Slovenia - you shouldn't try to do a 'Serifovic' if you cant sing like Serifovic
    Croatia - you cant polish a turd
    Sweden - was a bit shaky
    Georgia - no, you really cant polish a turd
    Turkey - has clearly had lessons to reduce his 'annoyance' factor
    Estonia - oh, actually you can polish a turd
    Slovakia - would not qualify if they sent a team up of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Adele
    Norway - is a very poor singer (and for BBC3 veiwers the answer is clearly gay)
    Bosnia - would qualify if they sent a donkey farting (and had a camera shot were it was really obvious she wasnt playing tyhe piano)
    Lithuania - using the most cringe-worthy gimmick in the history of ESC will get you the sympathy vote.

    It was also nice seeing the previous winners, even though it did raise some questions around how they actually won:

    Bilan - given he's such a douche
    Rybak - given he has the smuggest grin ever
    Lena - given how annoying a performer she is
    Serifovic - given she looks like the love child of Harry Potter and Rose West (surely she's out of the closet by now?)
    Ell and Nikki - given their song was so weak they decided to sing Abba

  2. Stan that is the best comment of the year! Thank you so much, I absolutely love this! Monty x