Sunday, 20 May 2012

arriba arriba!

To Portugal's near neighbour. They haven't had much luck in recent years, in fact very little since 1969. A good dictator may be what they need, though I don't think Sasha Baron Cohen would fit the bill. I left reading the label on the brandy at this point "smooth with a hint of sweet raisins and vanilla". Well it's more interesting than the song or the isnger to be honest. yes it's a good long note but that doesn't win yoiu Eurovision these days, especially when the rest of the song is as dull as a Paella with no seafood...I'm reminded of Franco's deathbed conversation:

Franco: what's all that noise?
Advisor: it's the people they have come to say goodbye.

Franco: why? where are they going?

This is certainly going a need a little somethinbg to save it from a coffin on Saturday night.

Toto: I lika da Spanish girls. they gooda ina bed

Gigliola: I want to gibve her top mark. It's four out of ten is top?

Franko: no ten.Do you want to give her ten?

Gigliola: no four

Verdict: as much chance of winning as a rapid recovery in the Spanish economy

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