Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cold Turkey

Last proved that Turkey aren't infallible and do need to earn their qualification. they've wisely chosen to break the formula of automatically entering either a rock song or an e thnic dance number and try something different. Trouble is, it looks and sounds like something that no one turned their chair around for in The Voice. It's justy a bit repetitive and dull. in fact duller than the skies over Croydon are currently and that really is dull, trust me. something in me longs for a bit of Opera or Seyal. Art least they were amusing even if they didn't intend to be. This contest is really long now and the final is 26 songs so if this does get through, who on earth is going to notice apart from the guaranteed Turkish votes in belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Azerbaijan?

Toto: I lika da groova

Gigliola: you have something nicer?

Verdict: probably in the final and better hope for a good draw.

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