Sunday, 20 May 2012

senseless love

Ok I'm most of the way down my bottle of brandy after several hours and I have to congratulate Lithuania on giving me my first laugh out loud moment of the afternoon (or if you're David Cameron, lots of love). Our singer starts off blindfolded in a sparkly blindfold ( I thought it was the judge who weren't supposed to be able to see on The Voice?). Impressively he manages to follow the path of the handheld camera even though he can't see. Are you watching Corinna Mae?! Then he whips off the blindfold and suddenly turns into Josh Debovie. I wish I could say that he'll be a big hit just because of the sheer entertainment factor but truth be told an amputee's got more chance of growing back their missing limb.

Toto: (Franko: Toto are you bothering any more?) (Toto sways to movement of his walkman

Gigliola: Itsa quita nica...

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