Saturday, 26 May 2012

So, who's to the wonning then?

Comment below. Winner, last and accidental last.

Me? Italy, Albania and possibly Hungary


  1. I'm finding this really difficult (and not just because i'm useless at predicting), i think it really is the most open final ever. Although tomorrow morning the winner will have been obvious. My six most likely would be Russia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Malta. But i think i'll pick Russia - the small one is going to hoover voters up across Europe.

    Last would be Lithuania and accidental last would be France.

  2. Udmurtia... oops, I mean Russia, Hungary and France

  3. Before putting my neck out there about the final, some semi finals numbers.

    1. In both semi's 4 of the qualifiers came from the 1st half of the draw and 6 qualifiers came from the 2nd half of the draw.

    2. In semi final 1, 6 of 7 last songs have qualified.In semi 2, 5 of the last 6 songs have qualified.

    3. Georgia's 100% qualification record has come to an end

    4. In each semi I had at least 3 songs I liked very much(as a song) only to be disappointed at the end when they didn't qualify.I would call it a disastrous year for me.I acknowledge it is part of the game, but still....

    5. Dreadful vocals winners -
    In semi 1 - Russia.Completely out of tune through the whole song. In semi 2 - Turkey-mainly to his background singers who sang too low in the mix and sounded horrible.

    Than to the final- As Stan above me has already pointed out, and as I already said it before, this is one of the open contest in many years. There are several songs that can do it and the arguments for and against them countering each other.

    I don't want Russia to win as the song is dreadful an them winning will be the worst thing than can happen to the contest.
    I also think that the Swedish song is not that good and I don't think it has a wide appeal.

    When the draw for the final has been made an Ireland got slot number 23, I thought they have in the bag(don't like the song but this is an excellent draw). But the songs that comes before and after them are overshadowing them. Spain, Malta,Macedonia, Serbia,Ukraine and Moldova are all better,vocally(and in some cases also better songs), than the twins.They won't win just drift in mid table.

    Personally I would like to see Estonia win- he gives me a goosebumps every time he sings it.He seems to belt it out extremely well, again and again.I am aware that his draw and the fact that he sings a ballad and in Estonian, will diminish his chance,nevertheless one can just hope.I'll be happy to see him finish in the upper side of the scoreboard.

    Won't try even to call out the winner.It will be a useless guess.
    Last one - Bosnia & Herzegovina, accidental last France(more due to a dreadful and messy performance than to the song itself)