Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Rolling blog of Semi 2

8.14pm - Sadly ESCXtra are relaying sound from speakers (not their fault) and its not great so can't really say much. Visit them at for more details as they are live blogging!

8.03pm - I think its starting!!

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  1. Technology, don't ya just love it! One thing that has really struck me at this year's Eurovision is the discrepancy between our perception of the show on telly in the UK (BBC3) and what's actually happening in the arena in Baku. For example, in Tuesday's semi I really enjoyed the Hungarian song. It was confident and in-tune and I rated it about the third best effort of the night. Romania, on the other hand, seemed predictable and boring.

    Almost everyone in Baku is raving about how great the first semi-final was. But on TV in Blighty it lacked atmosphere and there were lots of dodgy vocals.

    Looking forward to Loreen tomorrow night. A class act, vocally, and I hope this comes across.