Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Final draw

1: U.K.
2: Hungary
3: Albania
6: Russia
7: Iceland
8: Cyprus
9: France
10: Italy
13: Azerbaijan
14: Romania
15: Denmark
16: Greece
19: Spain
20: Germany
23: Ireland
26: Moldova

Hungary get the draw of doom, I think that may help Englebert be remembered a little longer?
Albania at three means it's a fairly slow start to the show but certainly different. I was chuffed this made it.
The grannies get a disappointing draw but at least they will be able to go and rest in the green room fairly early on.
Iceland, people are going to be talking about the grannies during their song though there is a nice contrast here?
Cyprus, bit too early but I feel a good result for them
Romania, we think there will be a break before them, if not then nice contrast after the dark and moody host country's song.
Denmark, ok draw for the Danes, I had texts from UK liking this last night
Greece, they made it didn't they? Ok draw for them
Ireland, Linda Martin must be chuffed to bits, fab draw but I don't see this winning
Moldova, fab draw too for the lovely Pasha

We've got all carried away with ourselves and done another piece to video (again fuelled by euroclub beer) with our post show reaction, someone take that camera away from us dear god!!   Don't worry it's not as long as the last one... It should be posted at some point later...

I'm dying to know how Scott Mills commentated and what that Sarah Cox was saying and doing....


  1. The commentary wasn't good. The links in the adverts were bady executed. Dr Eurovision was relied on too much and they missed the end titles and crashed the end EBU flash. Other than the BBC 3 inserts the programme was ok. The presents were stilted.

  2. I didn’t think BBC was that bad, Scott made an in joke about almost being blown off his balcony. He mocked Latvia and San Marino and talked through Moldova’s intro (though that was the only one). There was less tiresome twitter feedback than last year.
    Sara Cox was alright but I think she alienated Englebert somewhat by trying to get him to say what his favourite songs were when he clearly didn’t want to be put on the spot. In the interval there was along interview with Nina Zilli by a sweaty Scott. She was great which is just as well because he was needing to fill time.
    The results could have been presented with a bit more suspense, they didn’t seem to be keeping track of the important countries which had not made it so far. But overall it was okay.

    1. I thought Scott Mills coped rather well with all the chaos going on around him. My female companion noticed how flushed and sweaty he was and said she found it strangely arousing. Oh well, it takes all sorts.

  3. Linda Martin is a formidable woman. Jedward have landed the closing slot in the semi-finals for two years running (odds on that,over 300:1) and now get the 'golden ticket' (whatever that is) and a plum position in the final. Amazing.

    Meanwhile, the poor old Humpster.....

    But I'm not bitter.

  4. Blahblah Grannies blahblah Jedward blahblah DO NOT VOTE. And that's more or less the BBC THREE commentary.

    1. You missed the best bit where Sara Cox confided "maybe I should stick to radio" and "wow, I really fucked up the Englebert interview, didn't I?".

  5. Thanks for the comments guys... Will keep me going til I can get home!