Sunday, 13 May 2012

Albania after Lunch

Firstly, I hear there is FREE CAKE and FREE TEA in the press working area? - Is there a Mrs Doyle in the press centre and can she make herself known to OnEurope?!

Anyway back on the stage, Albania are the next to come on to the stage of dreams. Suus is a gurt big ballad, but oh dear me, why has she got a rack of snooker balls in her hair? - Distracting much? I think so!. The song is a ballad of weak proportions, not helped by her wailing around the stage like a banshee. TBH, despite people thinking that there are friends in this bit, Rona'll need a lot of them to qualify but I just can't see it. 4th weakest song of the 5 so far I think and coupled with her emoting and pained expression on her face, I'm thinking toilet break??

After looking at the pic on of Rona, I think she is about to burst into " Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins ( cor blimey guv etc...)

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