Friday, 18 May 2012

Are we there yet?

Yep, we're still in the Baku Beyond reporting on Europe's favourite TV show.  It seems like I've never lived anywhere else and the other hacks of dubious journalistic persuasion are all my siblings.  Not my favourite ones, but siblings nonetheless.
I'm bailing out early tonight so I can get to Riigi Heights and then onto the Switzmarino party.  So a quick catch up of what we've seen since the Grimes Twins.

Serbia - I didn't catch all of this because I was in a darkened room from the previous rehearsing country.  There was actually a 60 minute break that lasted near 100 before Zeljko came on stage.  He's still Zeljko.  Known for singing for the show, writing for the show, presenting the show, and so on, it was a solid performance and so in that way unremarkable.

Macedonia FYRo - Kaliopi performs the arse off this song.  It's great and powerful and she knows her audience (unlike some of the younger songstresses in Bakoo).  This is through if lovers of fine music are tuned in.  It might be through even if they're not.

The Netherlands - Our winsome and very tall Dutch native American wannabe doesn't exactly perform the arse off this.  But she sings it nicely.  It's got nice running all through it.  It's not going to rub people up the wrong way unless maybe you have issues with the plights of native American peoples.  Grannies will like it cos it's gentle.  Kiddies will like it because she been at the dressing-up box.  Everyone in between will be pestered by those older and younger to wote Netherlands to the wonning.  Get her through I say.

Malta - Can a catchy dance routine win over Mrs Ivanova in Plovdiv or Mr Jonsson in Växjö to spend their hard earned cash voting for Malta?  I think they should.  I'm thoroughly behind the rest of Oneurope in liking this.  Tell your friends, we think this is ace.

Belarus - We had a little pratfall today when the anti-gravity shenanigans of one of the band decided to be anti-anti-gravity shenanigans instead.  I've always liked this, but it seems to have got a little more gay disco since its national final.  Despite that, I'd still like to see it qualify.

That's all for now folks.  There maybe more from the Euroclub later or something tomorrow morning.

Don't go away now.

R x

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