Thursday, 17 May 2012

As I seem to be the least indisposed of the team today...'s some quick drive-by bloggahj on the first three of the morning (videos from our chums at ESCKaz this time)

So Montenegro... he apparently has no ambition for high position in competition, and accordingly seems to have no intention of high position in competition. You can't be quite that obnoxiously "I DON'T CARE" without anyone realising that actually you do care quite a lot but are completely clueless. He might well confuse some people into voting for him because they think he doesn't want them to. Which he might not. So I'm confident it'll get some love.

Iceland... hmm. OnEurope loves Jonsi. I think most of OffEurope loves Jonsi as well. It's just that, well, they seem to love him more when he isn't actually singing. Greta fakes playing the fiddle with great gusto though, and who wouldn't love the staging concept of singing the first chorus inside a giant glass of gin and tonic, so I'm sure it'll get some love.

Greece is your normal Greece but on an understandably tight budget. Even the price of costume material seems to have needed careful consideration, looking at how little they've chosen to use. And I, like all Europe will on Tuesday-and-maybe-Saturday, want Ah-ah-ah-oh-oh as a ringtone, so I've no doubt that it'll get some love.

That is all. For now.

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