Friday, 18 May 2012

Austria II

In complete contrast to the two that have gone before it, this is FUN with a capital FUN - It's bouncy and alive and yes, it may be aimed at "the straight majority" but it has something for everyone.

Vocally, however, it is what it is - 2 lads having fun and shouting the lyrics at me very loudly - where as usually that annoys the hell out of me, this actually makes me smile. I *think* the Neon is there, but I havent studied the video film enough to check (Edit - I can confirm it is!) - but that adds a nice touch.

I doubt, however, that the Juries will give this more than a cursory glance and whilst it will score high with the drunk televoters, can't see it getting through.

Qualifying? - No (sadly)

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