Thursday, 17 May 2012

Baku by night

I thought I'd explain a little about the city of Baku.  Firstly, I love it.  After the staid Oslo and Düsseldorf, this city never sleeps.  At 3am when some of us eventually get thrown out of the Euroclub, there are still lots of people around.   People of all ages too.  Elderly couples, groups of teenagers, parents with children.  It really has been an eye-opener.  Are you jealous yet?

It's also very safe.  Myself and some associates wandered down the promenade the other night and there was no trouble, nor even an air of trouble, at all.  Just hundreds of people taking the late evening air and eating at the many streetside cafes and stalls.  And it's very common to see men walking arm in arm with men.  The general concensus is that we like Baku and we want to come back.  Maybe not next May or indeed for a contest.

We've come across a Caucasian restaurant last night which served a cheese selection...

I can't claim credit for this - it was from one of my associates.  Three types of cheese.  A strong chease in the corners, a milder one in between,  And a stringy cheese in the middle.  Yes, dear reader, this is cheese, and a damn fine example too.  Ignore the foliage - the restaurant owner meant well.

I'm now eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of Messrs Moncrieff and West.  They will ably bring the whole experience of Baku to another exciting level.

More soon!


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  1. We shall indeed bring it to a new level. Admittedly not one to which it may wish to be brought. I note you wisely haven't indicated whether said new level will be up or down a notch...