Sunday, 13 May 2012

blitzo schitzo

Well I'm back with Hercule Poirot and the Celestial Toymaker to look at today's rehearsals.

It's first rehearsal of semi final one so it must be Montenegro who have a permanent residency on that position. I

Franko: I can't make up my mind whether this man is a genius or a madman. The two are often related in Eurovision. He chants through his somewhat un-radio friendly song with what appears to be thewooden horse of Troy on stage with a strange grin on it's face. Well that's one way to piss off the Greeks. Of course it could just be Dobbin from Rentaghost having some harmless fun. There's a big dial in the background counting down, possibly to remind you that precious moments of your life have been lost listening to this. Vocally sounds awful.

Poirot: I think it has a pleasing symetrical beat that agrees with my sense of order and method.

Franko: But is it any good?

Poirot: No it is complete crap

Franko: Toymaker?

Toymaker: I want to kill him..

Franko: I dare say you're not alone.

Verdict: Montenegro have a tough enough qualifying by going first and all the other Yugo countries being in the other draw without entering something that not even the singer would like. Have a nice trip home... probably by donkey because Montenegran TV can't afford the fare.

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