Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bulgaria - Final rehearsal of the day

Only 8 rehearsals today, for a reason that will be explained in time no doubt, and the last song is Bulgaria.

Love Unlimited? - Votes limited (to about 5) - There is no one on stage with her, and for a dance song thats a bit odd to be honest - as are the lyric in Bulgarian... There are no redeeming features for this song at all, sadly, and nothing to liven it up. Its missing a lot that wont be there a week on Thursday and that is going to condemn Bulgaria to another set of Semi Finals - It *really* needs dancers or something - in contrast to other songs that have them and don't need them.


  1. Easily explained. It should have been 9 today (including the broadcaster who RSVP'ed 'ACTUALLY NOW WE'VE THOUGHT ABOUT IT NO WE REALLY DON'T WANT TO COME THANK YOU SO MUCH') and 10 tomorrow, and they didn't quite like to tell the Slovenes that they had to change all their arrangements to get there a day early and even things out.

  2. If you like food-related alternative lyrics, I suggest "take a pizza, some'll take a pizza" for the penultimate line of the chorus :)