Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Croatian heaven

Croatia up next, and I have to admit I’ve found this as dull as ditchwater throughout the previews. Not even semi-naked men in the video stirred me. The juxtaposing of 5 ballads from 5 ex-Yugoslav countries in the same semi has been criticised, but personally I think it’s just the way the draw has worked. We could be interrupting proceedings here with Rambo Amadeus had things gone differently. Being in the other semi might have boosted Nina’s chances, as I’m afraid that for me her song is the weakest amongst these 5, and the least likely to get through. But what have we here? Nina is in a black number, cut away at the front with a trailing behind that is frankly quite unflattering. But next to Slovenia’s lack of direction this actually looks quite polished. Two athletic looking types I shall enjoy discovering later in higher definition mince around her throwing shapes and employing the best use of a dust sheet since Diana Gurtskaya. Suddenly things are looking up for Nina, and she might have a chance. Apparently she gave up sex to prepare for her Eurovision performance. Her partner might just have to eke out an extra couple of days on the back of this.

Monty x 

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