Sunday, 13 May 2012

En finalment - La Finlande

First thing of note " What is she wearing?" - She reminds me of Rebekah Brooks singing in Swedish, but thats more me than you I suspect. Another standing and singing performance which isnt necessarily a bad thing but I think this song could do with "a bit" of movement. As has been remarked in other places, this Finn singing in Swedish sounds very harsh but, you know, it has a charm about it that could see it on the cusp of qualifying. Not sure the cellist is needed but, what the hey, they like it.

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  1. Some comments on today

    1.I fear the stage is an obstacle.It's too big and most of the performers get lost in it. Greece, Albania,Belgium,Finland,Latvia & Switzerland all of them are suffering from the stage to some extent.

    2. Iceland was the strongest for today. The seems to know what they are doing and how to best present the song.

    3.Romania was as good as you would expect, though I miss some spontaneity in the performance.Sometimes too much of a rehearsal is taking away from the song.

    4.Greece - Right now the dance routine looks amateurish and need to be much more slick.The Greek get it eventually, however there seems less enthusiasm in the whole production

    5.Belgium-Nick, juries tend to vote for a strong female ballad.This is not so strong and her performance is rather weak.Not something that the juries tend to go for.

    6.For someone who is not even in Baku, u are doing a great job.I think you were the first to publish a review and certainly faster than some other sites who are actually in Baku.Well done.