Sunday, 20 May 2012

Estonia II

What a way to start the morning with Ott ripping his heart out all over the tube of you!!

This gives me the same feelings that Jonsi did when he sung his first esc song and I liked those feelings, but Europe didn't. Ott, however will impassion his way to the juries votes and will televote enough to get through. This song is class, however as you will see when I embed the video, I wouldn't try and improvise too much Ott, it makes the song sound slightly weaker!! (and on a 2nd look it is very very good - top 10 in the final perhance?)

Qualifying - yes.

1 comment:

  1. Completely agree with you Phil on playing around with the song. Stay with the KISS method which is working for the staging, and I definitely wouldn't give the big note away early as it leaves the song nowhere to go subsequently.

    Have to say I think the backdrop for this is just stunning so I hope they have a few long shots on the big moments as I think that will play to the audience at home.