Saturday, 19 May 2012

First impressions – swarthy is my mot du jour

It’s 4am UK time and I’m shattered already! We arrived at 11pm and were whisked through immigration with ease and the friendliest welcome since we were mistaken for Mouth and MacNeil at a weekend convention in Rotterdam in 1994. They are all smiles and keenness here! We were aloocated out own bus to bring us into the Miracle apartments, and whilst this level of personal service was highly impressive having a driver who didn’t know the way was less so. An hour later and we finally found them and checked in with the same level of gusto. Not being ones to knock back our heels and slip into our nighties for a sensible night we hot-taxied it direct til EuroClub to announce our arrival. This too proved tricky as again the driver, and us his charge, had no idea where it was. I was forced into trying to dredge up my very rusty Russian and we made it in the end at almost 2am, sufficient time ti neck back a few local brews before the very prompt 3am close. The Club is cavernous but very nicely decked out and even has its own Eurovision cushions, such is the level of detail in this so-far impressive city. We had the great pleasure to see Roy of this parish and several other bloggers and fans, including all of the lovely team from All Kinds Of Everything and Dr Eurovision.The prompt finish and the need for an early start left little time for gossip, so more of that later as we head to the opening reception this evening, where I shall whore myself for photos (none of which I can upload without the loan of a cable as I‘ve left mine at home – doh!). But first it’s breakfast and an attempt to find the press centre....

Oh and just a word about the locals – phwoar! Swarthy is my mot du jour....

Monty x

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