Saturday, 19 May 2012

France I

...slightly delayed, was watching coverage of the Olympic Flame!

Air Miles Angunn and her staging team have RUINED this song. She is wearing a dress that makes her look like a Jellyfish decending to the bottom of the ocean, but she is only going to go plumetting down the scoreboard unless Open Heart surgery is performed on this. I hear that the dancers/backers have taken their tops off in an attempt to curry favour with those homosexualists, however they should just see it as ridiculous. They have borrowed some crates from the local Baku Branch of Lidl and are vauting over them? and to go with the gymnastique theme - there were pictures of men on the Rings and sport in the background - WHY?!?!

Angunn also sounded weak and limp in this video which makes me suspect that she has had miming assistance in her 3289038 performances around Europe this year. To say I am dissapointed is an understatement - I am horrified!

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