Saturday, 19 May 2012

Germany as drooled over by Rosé

Gosh he is handsome isn't he? Am struggling to find anyone here who doesn't find him attractive, even the lesbians are drooling...

Roman is doing nothing more here than he's been doing in the run up to this contest and doing exactly what he says on the tin, standing still and singing his beanie off.  I love his voice.  I'm liking the camera work, especially the fast sweeping shots past him during the long notes.  Nice, slick, first run through for the boy.  He's being shown different outfits at the moment on stage whilst the German delegation decide which suits him best.  He could wear a bin bag in my book and still be handsome. Unfortunately they are only holding up the clothes to him, he's not stripping for us today but am working on that.  We wanna pap that tat!

I was going to bet on this before coming here, I still haven't yet and, though this was polished today, something is stopping me from putting money on it...

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