Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hoo-ray, hoo-ray, I’m on holi-holi-day!

I’m finally feel like I’m going away! Final preparations done this afternoon, dollars obtained for the visa, last minute purchase of new knickers and socks made, missing camera located safely in my, erm, wash bag..., early onset dementia suspected – you know, those kinds of going away things. Just got to chuck it all in the case and pray it’s under 20 kg now. But before I begin that chore let me get you up to date with the last few songs.

San Marino – Valentina and her chums are now in their stage outfits creating a veritable hotchpotch of characters: the doctor, the pilot, the cheerleader and the guitarist. Valentina is a vision in royal blue leatherette with a shimmering silver panel that looks like it’s been safety pinned to the front of her blouse. Vocally she’s great, but nothing is disguising the fact that this is rubbish, but rubbish of the highest, only-ever-at-Eurovision order.

Cyprus – Having been impressed by Ivi on Monday I was hoping to see continued improvement but at the moment it looks like she’s still finding it tricky to multi-task and doesn’t look entirely comfortable with the dancing, which is impacting her vocal. I’m not convinced that she’s going to pull this off when you add in the nerves on the night.

Denmark – I didn’t even bother watching this to the end. Nothing’s going to change about it before Tuesday, is it? It’s still going to be dull and it’s still going to be inexplicably popular.

All being well this time tomorrow I will have my visa in my passport and be on the way to downtown Baku! Yay! Save me a glass of that Georgian wine!

Monty x

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