Monday, 14 May 2012

Hungary First Rehearsal

Well here comes a proper band and no mistake. Compact Disco actually look and sound like they should be on the stage at a Eurovision and this first rehearsal looked and sounded equisite. None of yer granny shenanigans here, just a good song delivered by a good band - thats all the Eurovision needs. No dancing required by the backing singer, she is a singer and thats what she does. The background hearts works very well to be honest along with a map of Europe. The lead singer does some walking, which means he has one eye on the television (which is good), but they also play to the audience that will be in the hall.

My fear, however, is that the juries are going to love it, but the televoters will be blinded by those stupid grannies and it wont get the result it deserves - Europe, make a good song qualify?!?!


  1. "...just a good song delivered by a good bad". This may not be what you *meant* to say, but...

  2. Last with a bullet, old cock.