Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lubed up

The Big 5 and the host are in the hall for our first look at them. The ugly stick has not been within a 20 kilometre radius of Germany’s Roman Lube. (That is how you pronounce his name isn’t it? I know it’s written Lob but ‘m attempting the phonetic pronunciation for you.) He has a voice to match his smouldering good looks too, and he’s using it to full effect here in a pretty flawless first rehearsal vocally speaking. Roman is doing exactly what he says, and standing still for most of this, but the camera picks out some sweeping shots, and let's face it you want him in close up really, don’t you? He’s now holding up a pair of beige slacks that I imagine will be his get-up on the night. The whole thing is not terribly exciting but it is very professionally done, and he could win some very big support with this from its rather spectacular draw.

Things are running very late here again, at least an hour. The welcome party is this evening, and we need to spruce ourselves up and have some food before then, so we’ll probably not get to see The Hump today, but he’s on again tomorrow with press conference (it’s just the first rehearsal today) so we will probably wait until then.

We’re also trying to find out if there’s any truth in the rumour that Armenian music has been “banned” in the EuroClub...

Monty x

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