Monday, 14 May 2012

Moldova First Rehearsal

Blimey it's all choreography with this lot - Including himself riding some girl like a horse and a boat and all sorts of other heavy symbolism in this one - whatever happened to singing the song.  I can't see a trumpet which is a bit like a song about, say, the twist - without a twist. 

This song makes that performance look good,  but Pasha is very very VERY camply mincing round the stage towards the end, and propts me to wonder if he has been to the Thomas Tordarson conservatoire for stupid dance moves!.Someone needs to tell TVM to reign them in - it doesnt need it!

I am hanging my head in shame at the moment at home to be honest but, the song itself, is still good enough to get through - I fear the bollocks surrounding it will detract lots.

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  1. We at OnEurope very much like songs about, say, the twist - without a twist. And we're not afraid to make people nervous by saying so.