Sunday, 13 May 2012

Opening weekend thoughts....

So rehearsals start in earnest tomorrow at 11am Baku-on-Caspian Sea time, that's quite scary isn't it?  She is upon us, eurovision 2012!!!!   How much I wish I was going earlier now to cover the first week but there will be plenty to chew over from afar I am sure and, once there in Baku on Friday, I will throw myself wholeheartedly into the bubble and report the bits I can remember....

I love watching the first week hyseria.. Who CAN'T actually sing it live, who SINGS THE PANTS off it, who made an ILL-ADVISED FROCK decision, who's BOX WON'T EXPLODE, who's performing WITH THE HUNKIEST DANCERS and who's ACTING THE DIVA...   If I were a rookie eurovision artiste arriving in Baku Beyond this week, I would love someone to take me to one side and offer that advice..  "Don't sing the pants off an ill advised frock without an exploding box or hunky dancers.. Oh and don't be a diva dear..."  Sound advice indeed...

Remember people, the first rehearsals are 'technical' rehearsals and in being that, they won't be perfect, things will go wrong and we will all get our OWN pants in a twist at the potential for shocks and non qualifiactions...It's a long road to the final, just sayin....

On another matter, yep the good people of the Retro Bar London have spoken and.... Europe will not listen! However as 'That Monty' has reported the 'Puss' Of Death has been bestowed on our Loreen!  Never fear dear, there is a buzz around you that feels slightly similar to the one that followed the Bareback fairy boy, maybe you too will ward off the retro kiss....?

Only time will tell but here's the top ten from the preview night on Thursday...

Sweden...det ar en vinnare?
France...french demographic in the bar? whoopsie boy singer?
Iceland...smouldering Icelander?
Estonia...smouldering Eesti-boy?
UK...we're a partiotic crowd
Romania...cheesy fun
Netherlands...our Indiana Joan ;-)

Oops... two posts in and only my first cheese mention... Tsk, tsk...
I'll make it up to you loyal reader.. I'll blag my way into the San Marino party again this year to eat my own body weight in parmesan and report back!!   Though I really do prefer something more crumbly and flaky, a nice feta or better still a cheshire or wensleydale (beins I'm a Yorkshire Rosé).

Here's to a great first week....  xx

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