Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rosé's Day Three round up.. No surprises really..

Grrrrr, am hating having to catch up in the evening and missing the breaking news as it happens..  Although today, I don't feel like there was so much breaking news rather everyone rehearsing to pretty much the standard you would have expected a few weeks back.

You'll be pleased to know, dear reader, that I've been spreading the eurovision word on day two of my course at Heathrow today and you'd be surprised how many people know a little of our beloved contest. Admittedly it's a little knowledge fed only by the smatterings offered by the beeb but it's a start.  Scott Mills has been plugging it, as has Sara Cox so I guess that means she'll be there again running around demented trying to prove her 'yoof' bbc three credentials... Cringe!  Graham Norton observed that this year's contest was coming from the heart of Europe, a country sandwiched between Iran and Syria, get over it people!

So day three has come and gone.  I am happy the euroclub has yet to get busy!  They are obviously waiting for Monty and I to flounce into the venue to really get the party started.  We are going to try on Friday night though we only land at 2230 and we are still unsure of the exact location of our 'Mirakel' apartment block!  Or maybe we can just arrive direkt til venue with our wheelie bags in tow?   Packing said wheelie bags is going to be a problem as BMI have a strict excess baggage policy and charge £12 per kilo over 20kgs, eek, it'll just need to be a thong and couple of cocktail dresses then for me.....

So in a nutshell today..

Željko was just going though the motions of this and we all know it will be as polished as you like on the night and yet I'm a little underwhelmed by it all to be honest.

Kaliopi was in fine voice though I can't help thinking she's flogging a dead horse with this song with this draw!  Hope I'm wrong as I love her..

Indiana Joan, bless her.. bless her.. and her mane of feathers!  I thought she looked ever so lost on the stage there during the rehearsal and the charm wasn't there for me, perhaps she'll regain it?  I'm with Monty on the banjo player, delicious!  Actually I'm not, hands off Montyvision, he's mine!!!

David Schwimmer from Malta next and I'd dare to say this was my highlight today.  Full of energy and smiles and I thought there was actually a performance here which I've not thought possible ever since it was selected!  Loving the little schwimmy (see what I did there?) and the extra little bits they've added to the mix making me think, mmmm just maybe... I mean if Glen Vella only missed out by a point last year then anything is possible.

Now HUNK ALERT next with Belarus!  Dmitry from Litesound is just stunning!  This was a good rehearsal for me today though his voice is weak, he makes up for that in other areas!  It's only scraping into the final if at all but what a hunk out of nowhere!  Why have I not noticed him before??

Beautiful, gorgeous Filipa from Portugal next belting out as we know she can and, I have to admit, I had a bit of a lump in my throat at this one!  It's obviously because I have a soft spot for all things Portuguese and she is soooooo nice!  I fear as others have said that it might miss out but I'd love to be wrong.

Now Gaitana from Ukraine has really got the horn eh?  Big and brash, this just wants to be noticed and I think it just may achieve that!  It's a big old mess though really isn't it?  But a fabulously busy mess and great backdrop for them, they could lose the silly dancers in skirts though for me... Actually just lose the skirts boys...

Poor Sofi from Bulgaria, nothing on stage with her, zilch, nada!  She's like tuppeny ha'penny cabaret act at a caravan park... I wonder if she was all 'diva-ry' and insisted on being there onstage alone or whether the BTV budget didn't stretch to a horn, fiddle and some flouncing... Whatever,  Sofi is off straight back to Sofia come Friday....

So like I said, no surprises really... Some flogging of dead horses, some performances with everything including the kitchen sink and some artistes I love doing their best with the material they've been given.

Bring on day four... One more day at the golden runways then I'm into Baku meltdown, packing and shopping-tastic!

Night night Rosé  xx

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