Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sweden II

Sweden are now freely quoted at 7/4 to win this contest, a price not seen since monkey boy back in 2009. This song ain't no fairytale, people.

SVT know they have something good though, despite the evident floors in this song, namely the mumbling and the choreography that makes Loreen look like she is epileptic rather than singing a song, it's very very repetitive ( at least 6 times the same Euphoria but is sung). It is, however, very professional and polished as you would expect so don't go looking for slip ups, there will be none.

Fans are in love with it in the same way they latch onto one song every year, the fact is, when push comes to shove next Friday and Saturday is she going to garner enough votes? I just can't see it. She's clearly qualifying. And clearly top 5..... But there are better songs than this IMHO.

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  1. The Friends Arena in Sweden has a noticeable gap in May next year (new home of the Melodifestivalen) SVt planning ahead?