Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tonight stuff and a thank you

Am sure NickD and The big F will be doing some work tonight - you may get an Audio blog but there has been "une problem technique" - my software isnt working so you might get one, you might not!!

Thanks for visiting this year btw - despite not being there you're still seeing what we write in your usual numbers - so it cant be all that bad, despite what people may think or say otherwise - and that makes us happy.. we're not gonna change how we do things - so get used to it!



  1. Keep on with the good job and don't pay attention to those sissies there. You're one of the best blogs for that stuff out there, and your predictions are often more correct. :)

  2. I'll be on the case sometime this evening. Just eight to do today, so it's a perfectly acceptable 24 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

    A whole 30 minutes tomorrow though... OUCH.

  3. We love yoou, eurovision coverage simply wouldn't be the same without your comments.
    THANK YOU!!!