Friday, 18 May 2012

Trying to put some flesh on the skeletal service

Hi folks.

Well we're still here.  My boss still suspects nothing about my subversive activities - long may that continue.  Maybe I prefer writing for this blog as I can say what I like.  ;-)

Anyroad-up.  There have been more of the loveliness that are rehearsals today.  I'll try and capture the essence of each one.  But not neessarily succeed.

Russia - They still have the revolving bread oven but it's revolving is a little erratic.  I'm not sure why this is.  And the little old ladies put a tray into the 'hot' oven and then take it out without wearing oven gloves.  Either these grannies have asbestos hands or they're yanking our chain and it's not really a fully working oven.  Everyone still thinks they're cute, especially the little one who likes dancing around by herself.  I'm still convinced this will win this semi-final.

Hungary - This bumps along nicely.  It does what it says.  An associate and I heard it played on a bus yesterday and it sounded an ideal radio hit.  Another associate went to their 'party' at a jazz club and was quite impressed with Compact Disco's pub rock style.  A qualifier?  I still damn well hope so.

Austria - Improv-a-plenty here.  Never has Woki-ing a Popo seemed so appealing with the three leggy lovelies writhing around poles on stage.  Are they the Track Shittaz or the Tracks Hittaz?  Maybe the latter for the family audience.  Qualifier?  Well, it could just as easily finish 7th as it could 15th.  Or anywhere in between.

Moldova - More writhing here.  Girls in big miniskirts moving around on the floor.  Or following Colin Farrell looky-likey Pasha around the stage.  It's very energetic but the background is a little hideous unless you're used to eating magic mushrooms.  He needs to stop saying 'How looks that trumpet'.  It's not poetic licence - it's just bad English of the worst order.  I'm not counting out anything here because I think this COULD qualify.

Ireland - You know what to expect with these rabbit-buying 'special' twins.  Jumping around, no-dad suits, loopiness of the worst order.  And now they've been let loose with water.  I'm not sure whether I like this.  I think they themselves are annoying.  The trouble is, they WILL qualify for the final for all the reasons mentioned above and they're on last.

More soon...

R x

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