Saturday, 19 May 2012


Typical of my country at anything, let alone the Eurovision - there was lots of good things, and lots of bad things too.

Good news - Hump can sing, Choreography isnt overstated, Backdrop is beautiful.
Bad news - High notes were woeful and the key change was all over the shop.

I'm still hopeful he can pull it off - but, like so many other first rehersals, it'll have to improve tomorrow. But then again, he is a live performer, so who knows!!


  1. Didn't think it was as bad as some of the commentary made it out to be. He genreally performs it well and the staging is nice. The last note was dreadful though and really should be cut if he reckons it going to be dodgy.

    My main problem with the song is that its just goes nowhere even with the key changes. Now a lot depends on what else qualifies against it but being drawn number 1, I think too many people will find something else to vote for after it. It may make Top 10 but just about I reckon.