Monday, 14 May 2012

Water margin

No one's going to pretend that Jedward can sing ... or dance... or do anything remotely talented. They strut around out of synch with each other looking like demented ring masters singing just like my audition for the Wizard of Oz at the school pay when I was 10 ie crap. They should by rights be condemned to being one of the people of Oz which was the fate of all crap singers in my class in case they got any big ideas of opening their mouths. However it's last in the draw and Jedward have a following of sorts (albeit most of them coked off their penciltop heads)... so..

Poirot: it is an insult to music

Kryten: so that's what happened to my spare heads. Hi guys!

Verdict: bound to make the final but not gonna be top 10 this year me hearties.

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