Monday, 14 May 2012

The 5 millionth most famous Belgian

And so to Monsieur Poirot's homeland. The country of thieves and beggars and criminal types. In fact why did you leave Monsieur Poirot? Surely it would have created more work for you?
Monsieur Poirot, stop that lecherous grin this is a family show.

Poirot: regrettably I was forced to leave Belgium because I was placed in charge of an orphanage and the authorities they were not happy with some of the activities I introduced for entertainment.....

Franko: the song is pretty forgettable but I could just see that people are so fed up waiting for a good one by this point in the draw that they'll either have left for a cuppa or vote for it so that they've got something to do.

Poirot: naturally I support my fellow countryman or countrywoman. Did I tell you I like wearing women's clothes?

Franko: I don't think we want to hear about that.

Kryten: Well I like it Mr Franko sir. It reminds me of many days spent folding and ironing. You just can't make days that good any more. Hmm mmm.

Verdict: in the final by the hairs on Tin Tin's head.

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