Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Am I still at this f*pping contest?

I hope you're still eagerly reading the thoughts and musings from this team of dedicated bloggers.  We're here to serve you, dear reader.

A little about today first.  We've had four countries rehearse today so far and they've gone OK.  Either that or I've been in the Baku Bubble that long everything is starting to sound the same.  The word is that Slovenia was variously dull, turgid, excellent, a winner.  Croatia is variously described as dull, turgid, excellent, a winner.  Sweden is variously described as dull, turgid...  Well, you get the picture.  Georgia seemed to be even more madder than a big bucket of mad frogs with everything except a framed photograph of Aung San Suu Kyi thrown at it.  Turkey should be on soon, maybe momentarily, maybe in the next four hours.  This guessing game is one of the likeable nuances of this contest so far.

Anyway, myself and several associates made it to the Euroclub last night.  It was fab.  The beer still ISN'T free but that didn't stop yours truly consuming copious quantities of it.  I think 3 Manat for a bottle of Xirdalan ain't half bad.  The food, I understand, is a little pricier.  I'll post a photo of a page from the menu eventually.

We had what one seasoned hack(saw) described as the nicest bunch of performers ever.  Mingling with us was ever-so-tiny Greece, multi-shot-drinking-party-animal Cyprus, photo-opportunities-galore Switzerland, older-than-she-looks Denmark, dance-by-myself Belgium, genuine-nice-guy Malta, and grumpy Israel.  Their prerogative of course.  To be fair, they were without the lead singer so some may not even have recognised they were there.

In a bit of a coup, one of my decoys (or maybe it's me ;-)  ) also bumped into Indiana Joan on the very relaxed promenade last night and got himself a suitable photo that I'll post sometime soon.

If you couldn't make it here to the Baku beyond, I feel your pain.  If you could come and chose not to, you're missing a treat.

Have fun and love ya loads.

R x

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