Wednesday, 16 May 2012

This joke isn’t funny anymore…

Goodness me! That Anri is a lively one. There’s a lot of what can only really be described as choreographed galumphing going on during this, with huge bursts of flame punching the air periodically as 5 dancers and backing vocalists throw themselves at and around the joker of the pack. As a poker hand I really think he’s double bluffing that there’s a decent song in here and in the shit-or-bust high stakes of Eurovision I think he’s both bust and shit. It all feels a bit fur coat and no knickers, and frankly I sooner not imagine him with his pants down. The show is trying its best to disguise that musically there’s really scant substance here, but you have to hand it to whoever staged this, because it might just pull that bluff off. Anri is all over the stage, playing piano, shouting down a megaphone, and banging his own drum both literally and figuratively. It’s absolute rubbish, but it really could go through. Yikes!
Monty x


  1. A Smiths reference? MARRY ME

    1. But you're getting married in the autumn! How will your other half take to polygamy? :-)

    2. It's a reference to a TV show. That I, erm, don't watch. Anyway... :)