Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Georgia is Fan-blody-tastic

No I have not take leave of my senses - They have turned this into such a complete mess its fab! - Women on stairs, dyed blond haired men, lots of mincing, a grand Piano, screaming, Sparkly megaphones I hear....

Its car crash TV, and yet..... Part of me sees this qualifying ( its not btw) - It makes me smile in all the wrong ways....


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  1. Thanks for your commentary, Phil and the others - it's great and I'm following avidly whilst I'm supposed to be working!

    I've had Georgia down as a qualifier since first viewing the preview videos. Yes, the song is rubbish, but I had a feeling that this would be ripe for a memorable performance, and the fact this semi is stuffed with ballads gives this a key difference.

    Darren, Berkshire