Friday, 11 May 2012

And the kiss of death goes to...

Every May some of us lot up London gather in the Retro Bar’s video preview final and deliver our judgment on the year’s songs. We’re so rubbish at it that it’s commonly held whatever we choose is promptly bestowed the kiss of death at Eurovision. In 12 previous attempts the only time we’ve ever got it right was the year that it was impossible to get wrong (Mr Rybak). The closest we’ve come apart from that was 5th in 2004 (Lena PH) with everything else outsode of the top 10, or even outside of the final...

With this in mind, and on the basis of last night’s verdict, I’m afraid to say that it’s not going to be Loreen’s year. Sorry, dear. Runner-up was Pastora Soler, and the bronze went to Anggun (whose men in pants were greeted with some very enthusiastic whooping indeed).

Marvel at just how close we haven’t come in previous year’s voting:

Monty x

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