Friday, 11 May 2012

2 days to go and our intrepid reporters............

Are winding their weary way to Baku-on-Sea for your entertainment.

Roy D Hacksaw of this parish is, as I type, having had a row with the Qatar Airlines check-in assistant who claimed there was a Polish entry this year and showing Mr RDH video proof of that, being wined and dined in Heathrow before his 930 hour flight via Doha (!) to Azer-be-gin.

Our Eesti Friend, from Incognitogata in Norway, should be arriving in Bakoo tomorrow where some secretive reports are bound to leak out.

Rosé West and "That Monty" will be there next weekend where I am told Cheese abounds and wine will not be in short supply.

Franko is, as I type, Currently in West London at some sort of Church or other listening to a 5 hour concert...... preparing himself clearly for the onslaught to come!

Nick is..... Scrabbling.

Franko hasn't got his arse into gear yet - but he will!

I am, well, Taking 5 days off work so I can be up at SEVEN A M on Sunday morning giving you coverage? - Am I insane? - well maybe just a little bit!

Anything you need in the next 17 days?!



  1. an idea-since you are not in Baku.
    How about you doing a live blog chat for, at least, the 2 semi's.I promise to attend.
    If you choose also to do a live blog for the final,I'll have to decline as I will be watching this in a bar somewhere in Amsterdam

    looking forward for your coverage this year

  2. There's the makings of a decent rack in that set of 7. But will it mature to a 50-point bonus? Actually, will it ever mature generally? Let's hope not!