Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 1 of Rehearsals tomorrow - whats occuring at OnEurope?!

Well by then everyone will have been dispatched to the 4 corners of Azer-bee-gin ready for a good start to the day.

Us at home workers will be up at 7AM GMT (8am in Central Europe) awaiting the first sniff of news and video from a variety of sources and, hopefully, will be commenting thereafter.

I understand Nick will be on later in the day to give us some views and Franko hopefully too!

Stay Cheesy ;)


  1. Courtesy of - The Stage

    My first impression that it looks huge. the danger in this is that the artists will look very small in it. I like the fact that the backgrounds are in not straight forward but have some geometric shapes, which is different from stages in previous years.
    Another nice touch is the green room, which is located in front of the stage.I assume that the performers will go there after they perform and can watch the rest of the show from there.

    The stage can create a WTF moment(a lot of them)but it can also create a very messy impression.I'll just have to wait and see how it comes across on the tv.

  2. Agree Shai, the stage looks interesting but again like Russia 2009 there is a danger that it could just be too big. This may be one that comes across better on TV than being there.

    Do like the Green Room in the middle of the auditorium concept. I think it brings the competitors into the middle of the action.