Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another drive-by...

Switzerland the next to catch my beady gaze, and well... Sinplus are like little Duracell bunnies, aren't they? They've just been doing exactly the same thing over and over again since November, and they just keep on doing it. Still, Bill Murray in Groundhog Day eventually got the girl, and persistence is always a virtue so I'm sure all those Europeans who've already seen it before will give it some love.

Plucky little Belgium are ordinary in all the right ways. Someone somewhere (probably many someones many somewheres) have been drawing comparisons with ikkle Lisa Andreasson from 2004, except unlike Lisa, Iris doesn't worry anyone. The easy qualifier that's been staring everyone in the face for months without being noticed, and well set to get some love from everyone except Phil and possibly the homeless people-children of Europe.

Finally for the minute, Finlandia (yeah, I know there's been another couple since then, but bear with me as I do like my 3s). Pernilla sings beautifully, but she has GOT to decide really quite urgently whether she wants to wear a miniskirt or a dress (and that it ought really to be in white and sky blue - has she not read the YLE Guide For Eurovision Singers?). The hybrid is quite unbecoming. As even Swedish people don't like Swedish-language ballads (see Melodifestivalen every year ever for details) and they're not in this bit anyway, Pernilla may be relying on the Random Albanian Jury and the Random San Marino Jury for any kind of love at all.

I'll try and get that shade of green out of my eyes now and have another stint later on.

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