Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 561 in the Eurovision House

In my haste to tell you all about some of the fun and games going off here at the very edge of 'Europe', I neglected to say anything about the songs that have rehearsed today.  So now I will:

Montenegro - Barking barking barking.  A man that might be on a Segway for beginners - in other words a trolley.  Two dancers that wrap up a third in a slogan.  A modestly sized Trojan Shire Horse proferring a towel to Mr Amadeus.  It's all there.  Maybe he will have the picture of Aung San Suu Kyi that this blogger would love to see.

Iceland - I didn't give this one my full attention but I don't feel I need to.  It's just good.  Very good.  Very professional.  They are a pair of attractive singers so there's something for everyone.  And I personally love a good fiddle.

Greece - Oh oh oh oh oh.  This is in serious trouble.  We could have a Jemini-esque performance on our hands,  No, maybe not.  The dance routine is extremely well done which is one thing Eleftheria so-good-they-named-her-twice Eleftheriou can be proud of.  But that's about all.  If Greece has any friends, we'll find themout next week.

Latvia - This is not so much eye-catching as retina detaching.  Ms Anmary is in blue and she's joined by a selection of very vivid colours.  Sadly I missed how well/badly she sang.  But for those watching in black & white, you're missing a visual treat.

Albania - Our Balkan warbler still hits them high notes every time.  Without fail.  It's a little known fact that a music promoter in South Africa is getting her over there for a jazz festival in the summer - our summer that is.  This may not be jazz, but she could probably turn her hand to anything.  She is damn good.

Romania - More bright colours that wouldn't look out of place on Balamory.  They will qualify with ease and we know that Romania will win the contest within five years.  Maybe this could be the year.

Switzerland - Our sweemers against the strim have now got their pronunciation right and about time too.  Who would this appeal to?  Children of the 1980s?  Maybe?  Will they be watching a minority cable channel on a Tuesday evening?  Debatable.

Belgium - Young Iris is very naïve and it shows.  But she does know where the camera is which is one thing.  I just don't know about this.  It's a bit dull for my tastes but Helga Sigridsdóttir in Keflavík might like it.  I still think it'll be lucky to finish higher than 15th.

Finland - I didn't really get to see this one so I can't comment.  From the first rehearsal I still think it's dead in the water.

More soon peeps

R x

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