Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina First Rehearsal

I have to admit, I wasn't too taken with BiH and their entry to this contest. I am now I have seen it - It's like a Road to Damascus moment. Maya is again following a KISS principle, and you can't get much more simple than a blonde at the ol joanna singing a balkan ballad can you?! The only thing its missing are the girders in the preview video, but RTVBiH have thought of that, and stuck them on the background - yay!!!

It's very well performed, surprisingly so to be honest and that is the key to it doing well - its just well performed........... niceness. Nice never wins Eurovision very often, but nice often qualifies, as this will do, on merit alone and not because of its friends. My only concerns, having said all of that, is that it will be lost amongst this semi final because it is a little bit "light" but... it should overcome that.

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