Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Norway first rehearsal

Is it me or :

1... has Tooji aged about 15 years in the last 2 months?
2....Have NRK Employed Coronation Street's Jim McDonald to be a backing dancer?
3....Is that bald headed Nowegian backing singer that is off camera been at every ESC for Norway forever?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Anyway back to himself..... He's gonna look Europe in the face for the first 14 seconds and they are either going to think " What is this hoody man doing on my screen, thank the lord he's not in 3D?" or go " hmmm not bad...."

It is very very slick, but vocally sounds a bit lacking in the harmony department and in the confidence department as well on some of the high notes and the whole thing is a bit underwhelming to be honest - It was a lot better in the NMGP and I am sure when he has something to try for it'll get better but they have to sort that mix out or hope it sounds good on the telly, otherwise he's not going through, he should do though.

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