Monday, 14 May 2012

Cyprus first rehearsal

Well its clearly the best thing we have had so far today, but I fear thats not much to go on.  She has borrowed her grannies fireplace, or has been outside the arena and picked up some builders junk to stand on - She sounded a bit off key and a bit shouty  and the whole vocal line sounded a bit ropey to be honest , but we knew that would happen which is why they have drafted in the 6th "singer" that is off stage to "help her out a bit". Always a risky ploy, but one that is needed.  Not sure about the eyewateringly dark background that makes epileptics have a fit but hey, CyBC like it.  

It should qualify with ease on this performance but someone has to tell her that dance moves like that are very 1990's!!!


  1. She is lacking aprodisiac

  2. ps when will you link to your twitter account, will make viewing easier. the background picture is very slow to load and takes up lots of memory