Monday, 14 May 2012

Bakuvian nightlife

Just a brief little post on goings-on after we departed the press centre last night.  Baku is buzzing, even on a Sunday night when other capital cities would be winding down in preparation for another week atthe grindstone.  Myself and some associates, unnamed for obvious reasons wandered the streets and found a nice little eatery.  I can't say where as we wat to keep it exclusive.  No hoï poloï thank you very much.

We also hit the Euroclub.  It's a cavernous place on the edge of town on the road to the Crystal Ball.  It's not cavernous in a Moscow way, but is more suited than the cramped dive in Oslo and nicer than the trendy one in Düsseldorf.  And cheaper too, with 3 Manat for a bottle of the local Xirdalan brew.  Xirdalan could prove to be a very fast beer in certain quarters.

Some of them party animal Scottish types were reportedly there until Buddha knows what time.  And had the dance floor to themselves perchance.

This morning was surprisingly jovial at Riigi Heights.  The city is moving better today.  There's no pesky bike racing clogging up every thoroughfare.  Some of the fannage, sorry, journalists, had a bus to themselves this morning.  All the more fun when he driver turfed off regular users of said bus to get them speedily to the venue.

Israel rehearsed - eventually - today.  As ever, the schedule has gone right out of the window.  Some cheeky scamp was using wireless in the Hall.  I wonder if St*r TV are back?

San Marino are STILL on, some 4 hours (it seems) after they started.  Not sounding good.

More later.  ;-)

R x

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